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We locate the rightful issue and ensure that it is taken care of before it leads to a negative outcome

Finding your space within the market is a competition to achieve. Whenever customers find a new idea to execute, they will always lean on various mobile app development services. Clients look for mobile app development services that are reliable and secure. Hence, here, we come to help. Unoinlogix is a mobile app development company that  provides some of the most desirable and unique mobile app development services. Our services aim to help customers in every step of the way. We locate the rightful issue and ensure that it is taken care of before it leads to a negative outcome. Moreover, our dedicated team of professionals is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to make your app one of the best. Therefore, we help you get the recognition you want within the market.

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We help form the best solution and target case for our customers by looking at their vision. We work for growth and help manage a great analysis of apps which helps to improve the outcome on a daily basis. Look into our services more to find out. 

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Custom IOS and Android app development

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native and cross-platform solutions

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second platform app development

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UI/UX design

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consulting and prototyping

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power management, notification

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embedded Android and AOSP customizations

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Custom IOS and Android app development 

There are 2 main platforms that devices rely upon when it comes to operating software. The 2 main ones include IOS and Android. It is important to ensure the safe working of these models as they run differently. Therefore, our team takes on the challenge and deep understanding of both of these operating systems to manage apps accordingly. Our team is aware of the functioning of these operating software which makes them capable of providing you the right instructions and guide. Moreover, we aim to make your app, no matter what it is, one of the best so that users can see it as a top-ranking app in the Play Store or the App Store. 

Native and cross-platform solutions 

Native and cross-platform solutions are two different aspects that are necessary to understand when it comes to mobile app development. Our team ensures that clients are getting both of these solutions at their best results. Our native solution mainly focuses on providing users with superior performance whereas our cross-platform solutions foucs on developing the app at the right time. We use different native and cross-platform development tools which are specific for IOS and Android. Hence, we have the right kind of tools at hand to help increase your app performance and upgrading rate no matter what operating software you want to build your app on. 

Second platform app development 

When choosing mobile app development services or going into this field, you will come to see that some apps work for both Android and IOS perfectly. Users can find the same app on both platforms with ease. This can be done through second-platform app development. As the same suggests, it means to extend the reach of your mobile app to another operating software. This is an amazing and brilliant step if you want to reach a wider audience. Some users get disappointed because they won’t find the specific app on the alternate operating software. Hence, to erase this, you can choose our second platform app development service. 

UI/UX design

When it comes to eCommerce, no matter what it is, having attractive design and captivating themes is one way to go. Hence, with apps, this element is taken very seriously by our team. It is highly important to get the right kind of user interface to provide users with the right design and experience as well. Therefore, we provide a higher user interface using specific tools to help create a captivating audience. Whether your app is a game or any other, our team is aware of all the themes to provide as an option to you. We ensure that the visuals of your app stand out the best from the rest of the apps. 

Consulting and prototyping 

Prototyping is an essential mark during mobile app development service. It provides the client with an idea of how their app will work, look like, and function as well. Our team ensures to provide customers with the right consultation and prototype of their app, however, they desire. After taking a look at the prototype, our clients and team together with consultation can make adjustments to make the app better. Hence, we make sure that the app is perfectly tailored to your needs and wants by offering you the exact prototype. You will be able to test out your app and locate the elements that you would want to change with ease. 

Automated QA and testing 

It should come to the notice of clients that mobile app development is a time-consuming process. There are thousands of elements to look into and a lot of testing. Moreover, skipping any testing of your mobile app can lead to severe problems that will arrive after the launch of your app. This is because you did not test it before launching it. It will always result in a negative form because users will not want to use your mobile app anymore. Therefore, to remove worries as such and make your app work smoothly, we offer automated QA and testing. This allows our team to figure out the bugs and issues of your app so that they can fix it beforehand. Hence, your mobile app will have to go through numerous sessions of testing before it is finally set to launch. 

Power management, notification, and geofencing 

There are plenty of different things that are added to modern-day mobile apps now. You will get to see the timely notifications, location markings as well as battery usage of the app. Now, it is not just about the app and how it works within itself but, how it affects the overall performance of your mobile phone. Hence, our team goes through a deep inspection of how much the app takes up the battery as power management. We also consider the notification timing to ensure it is being sent on time. Moreover, if your app needs to use location, then it is taking the precise location of the client once given permission. 

Embedded Android and AOSP customizations 

We are aware that everything needs to be taken care of carefully when you are entitled to have an app at hand. Therefore, our team works brilliantly to ensure that your app is working smoothly on every Android platform that is available. We monitor the performance of your app and also look at the backend development process to ensure that you are getting the right feedback from users as well as reviews. 

Reach out to us to get the best kind of mobile app development services. We provide reliable and authentic development services that help with all kinds of apps. So, contact us today and start your mobile app development consulting about your ideal mobile app and its performance with our dedicated and professional team.

The different mobile app development services that we offer

Unoinlogx is here to provide customers with an upgraded set of custom mobile app development services to ensure that your app no matter what it is, works without any bugs. Hence, with our dedicated team and supervision, we offer some amazing services that you can choose easily. 

Social networking apps 

Our social networking apps include all the social media apps that are used by the world today. Hence, here, you are able to share all of your thoughts, memories, and much more. Moreover, you can also reach out to your loved ones, and family members and chat with them to build connections and communities with ease. 

eCommerce apps 

If you are looking to make your website into an app to provide customers with an exclusive shopping experience then getting our eCommerce app development service would be ideal. We ensure to keep your eCommerce app stable and highly functional at all times without any bugs. 

On-demand service apps 

Our on-demand service apps include all kinds of apps that need to meet the demands of customers right at that moment. Hence, any food delivery app, uber, or anything as such comes within this category. You can consult our team to know about the kind of app that you have so that you have a clear vision and know which development service to choose from. 

Health and Fitness apps 

There are thousands of different health and fitness apps that you will find on platforms. However, with us, we assure you that your health and fitness app will stand out from the rest. We ensure to provide the exact information and options to users that you provide us with. 

Travel and tourism apps 

If you are someone who has an app for travel and tourism then abiding by our service for this will be an optimal choice. We provide the best navigation options and other accurate information to help users find their way through the city that they are in. 

Education and e-learning apps 

Education and e-learning apps are crucial and it is important to provide the correct information so that users can rely on it with ease. Hence, our team provides your app with the kind of subject, courses, and much more to make it easier for students of all ages to enjoy your app. 

Gaming apps 

It is said that the more the games, the better the results. So, if you want to present the crowd with a gaming app then look no further than our team. We have the right visuals and gaming mode applications at hand to give you an amazing setback of your gaming app, no matter what it is. 

Financial management apps 

These take much caution as it needs to be strict in the production and security. Therefore, our team has amazing security elements and other options that can get you an amazing app to help users manage their financial affairs.

Reach out to us to get the best kind of mobile app development services. We provide reliable and authentic development services that help with all kinds of apps. So, contact us today and start your mobile app development consulting about your ideal mobile app and its performance with our dedicated and professional team.