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If you are on the hunt for a good shopping experience then Shopify is the way to go.  Shopify development helps to provide a smooth-running store. Moreover, it is the main aspect of ranking your Shopify store. Within a world like today’s having a digital landscape is important because of the fast-running technology. Hence, at Unionlogix, we provide secure and trustable Shopify development services. Our services help to stand out within the tough and saturated market. We have the rightful solutions to all of the problems that you face. Are you struggling with the website design, or are you worried that your online presence will not reach the audience? Unionlogix is a Shopify development agency that provides solutions to all. We go through an in-depth understanding of your business. Our team then plans out the solution and optimal ideas.

Shopify Development


We are a professional team that provides reliable Shopify development services 

We are a leading company that offers the best Shopify development services. We cautiously solving the issues that you face.

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Shopify Store Development

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Shopify Theme Development

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Shopify App Development

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 Shopify Maintenance and Support

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Shopify Migration

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Third-Party Integration

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Embedded Shopify App

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Shopify Development and Testing

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Front-End Development

Shopify Store Development

Partner with our professional services of Shopify store development to start your store on time. We help set up and configure within a shorter time range to get started without any delay. Our custom Shopify development services help achieve your goals faster and with reliability. 

Shopify Theme Development 

Our dedicated and creative UI and UX designers help you get the perfect themes for your Shopify. This helps you improve the aesthetics of your store at a glance. Our Shopify theme development services provide all kinds of styles that you are looking for. 

Shopify App Development 

Develop a smooth result on mobile phones by opting for our unique Shopify app development services. Our engineers provide smooth and fast-running apps that work seamlessly on all devices and platforms without a hassle. 

Shopify Maintenance and Support 

Whether you are looking to upgrade your Shopify platform to the latest versions or to help fix some issues. We offer some of the best Shopify maintenance and support services to fix all the issues. 

Shopify Migration 

With our custom Shopify development services, you can have a smooth transition from your online shop to Shopify without any delay. Partner with us to be free from all kinds of hassles.

Third-Party Integration 

As a Shopify development agency, we provide numerous functions for your Shopify store. We link with third-party groups which can include multiple aspects. These can be shopping carts, payment methods, and much more. Unionlogix has a great and secure team of dedicated professionals. We focus on solving all the major and minor problems that you face while setting up or running your Shopify store. Being the best Shopify development company, we have the perfect mix of Shopify design, marketing skills as well as development. 

Embedded Shopify App 

We work with various systems to provide you with the highest-functioning Shopify app. This works seamlessly with all complex features. 

Shopify Development and Testing 

As we provide Shopify theme development services, we have a range of expertise in themes. We work with numerous platforms to test your Shopify store before anything else.

Front-End Development 

For the best look and theme for your Shopify store, we provide our clients with aesthetic fonts and much more. 

Version Control Tools 

. We work with various tools for your Shopify store to present a pleasing outcome. We ensure to upgrade themes and fix all the bugs you face. Services We Offer 

Types of Shopify Store Development Services

At Unionlogix, you will find a great deal of services to help you find the right kind of solution. We offer all kinds of Shopify development services to reach the best level, giving you the ultimate security. We have helped people who have been trying to walk their way to Shopify stores to increase their development standards. Hence, today we stand as a reliable and most trusted company providing Shopify development services

Shopify Customization Services 

Our customization services of Shopify consist of adjusting the store to meet your needs as well as business requirements. We include a list of different aspects of this service. This includes themes, adding custom features, having a personalized background, and much more.

Shopify Integration Services 

Our integration services help with smooth connectivity between third-party platforms and your Shopify store. Hence, this includes all the various elements. Which includes accounting software by the dev shop, email marketing tools, and and other applications. 

Shopify Performance Optimization 

Having a seamless and fast-running performance is the key to bringing more spotlight to your Shopify store. Therefore, we help enhance the speed and responsiveness of your store by optimizing codes and minimizing the load on pages. We further step ahead and optimize images too which helps the performance rates. 

Shopify Multilingual and Multi-currency Support 

This service that we provide involves a bigger capture of the audience. It is done by configuring your store to display your content in more languages as well as currencies. Hence, customers can choose what language they would want to see your content in with ease. 

Shopify API Development 

Our API development includes applications that uses Shopify’s Application Programming Interface. This will help with the development of custom functionalities. It also helps the integration with external systems so that we can easily extend the capability of your Shopify store. 

Shopify POS- Point Of Sale Integration 

POS integration helps tag the lines between your Shopify online store and retail locations which are set physically. This helps with inventory, and sale reporting as well as increases the shopping experience for customers. 

Shopify Inventory Management Solutions 

Shopify inventory management helps clean out your inventory. The team of Unionlogix is able to do this by inventory tracking, automatic restocking, stock alters, and much more. It will help you have optimal inventory levels and also help prevent any stock out. 

Shopify Dropshipping Integration 

Dropshipping is an important aspect of Shopify stores and we know exactly how to fix it. Our dropshipping integration service helps to set up and manage the dropshipping operation. Hence, we can fulfill this by integration. We do this tracking features.

Shopify Security Services 

The security services focus on protecting your Shopify store from all kinds of harm. This can include security threats, malware, hacking, fraudulent activities as well as data breaches. We use the right kind and updated firewalls as well as other monitoring elements that help safeguard your Shopify store. 

Shopify Training and Education 

Training and education services that are provided by us lead to the utmost skills and knowledge. These are the things that owners and administrators should be aware of. Hence, we provide them with sessions, training, workshops, documentation, tutorials, and much more. This provides them with full capability and knowledge while working with your Shopify store. 

Shopify Analytics Reporting 

With our Shopify analytics and reporting services, we will be able to help track your Shopify store. It also helps to analyze all the key performances and metrics that link with your Shopify store.

Shopify Custom Development 

Unionlogix provides custom Shopify development services that are the solutions to your business. Hence, our Shopify development services are the very best as it ensure the safety, protection, and excellent working model of your Shopify store. 

Rich Domain Knowledge 

Our professional Shopify is known to provide the right architecture. We easily help you throughout your process to filter out the issues to stand out within the crowd. 

Single Point of Contact 

Choose your ideal Shopify web design by getting a single point of contact for your eCommerce store development. 

Global Client Base 

By taking in the modes of the world in technological advancement, we have a global client base. We deliver some of the best solutions that work at the finest rate today. 

24/7 client assistance 

Our team is always available to help customers whenever they are facing difficulty and support them no matter what. 

In-depth Analysis 

Before starting the journey, we go through a deep analysis of your business requirements. This helps our professional team understand more about your business and what needs to go in your eCommerce store. 

We ensure that your Shopify store has all the perfect fits that will make it one of a kind. From adding visually appealing fonts and design to having the right optimization, our team takes care of everything so you don’t have to. With our latest technologies and techniques, there is nothing that we cannot fix. Hence,  join hands with the best Shopify development company. Continue to explore our services and our exceptional options that you can avail of. Partner with Unionlogix to get to your ideal path of gaining the right functioning and statistics of your Shopify store. We provide the ultimate guide, solutions, and Shopify development services. We aim to help ease your journey and make your goal reachable in a short amount of time. 

So contact us today if you want to take your journey to be successful.